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Elon Musk Cornered by Ben Shapiro's Jewish Leaders to Repent

Brian J. Pfail

On Thursday afternoon, The Daily Wire’s premier neoconservative Ben Shapiro held a space with Elon Musk on X to discuss “anti-semitism, faith and free speech.” 

The two-hour escapade was nothing more than an antisemitism cry wolf, reducing the billionaire essentially to his knees to comply with nine Jewish leaders and their supposed grievances.

Shapiro, a staunch Zionist, laid the groundwork for the discussion, claiming antisemitism was very much prevalent and that users were even claiming “The State of Israel should be obliterated.”

Musk reassured the troubled neocon that antisemitic behaviors on the platform were indeed down and that he had third-party confirmation. The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) begs to differ with an astounding 292—yes, a grand total of 292 “antisemitic” tweets between December 2022 and January 2023.

It appears these Jewish leaders are doing exactly what the ADL and other Jewish NGOs do best—play off the “antisemitism racket,” according to their Orthodox brothers.

Musk tried to create a more casual space, saying he went to a Jewish school in his youth, that his name is Israeli, that he visited Israel and even that he was “aspirationally Jewish” or “Jewish adjacent.”

The conversation began and ended in cringe, reducing the gentile, but some important points were made.

First, Musk said he favored free speech because it would allow for correcting falsehoods and diminish “hidden antisemitism.”

Shapiro disagreed and began to talk about the “freedom of speech, not reach” mantra. He added to his message the necessity of demonetization and attempted to scare the billionaire that he was at further risk of losing advertisers.

Musk responded that the process must be algorithmic without private or government intervention, against Shapiro’s wishes. The community would essentially enforce itself organically.

As the discourse continued, Musk was met by heavily defensive Zionists who supported the censorship incorporated into the ADL’s values. Remember, it had been only a week or so since prominent conservative Jews rebuked the same values to conceal their ethnic allegiance or what Harvard University calls “Yiddishkeit.”

Co-founder and President of SoulShop Studios Ari Lamm came next, proclaiming a very odd Jewish-American revisionism. He said Jews “formed the backbone of the American experience.” The Zionist stated that the Founding Fathers, most of whom were Christian, looked to Deuteronomy and the Jewish faith to form America. 

Musk basically nodded and told Lamm that the acquisition of Twitter was intended to be a positive force for civilization—that incorporates usefulness and entertainment. He said the bias and political control pushed values much of the world did not align with. Musk also added that increasing positive speech was the goal to reveal truths—including “unpleasant truths.”

As we know, these leaders are very disagreeable with “unpleasant truths,” and so Israel’s tenth president, Reuven Rivlin, took to the podium. For perspective, in 2010, as Knesset Speaker, when asked about African refugees in Isreal, he oddly responded, “As a democrat and a Jew, I have a hard time with concentration camps, where people are warehoused.”

Rivlin pleaded with Musk for bans and censorship, claiming, “Antisemites are using free speech to spread hatred and racism.”

Again, Musk restated that antisemitic talk would be defeated by truth and counterpoints. He then pointed to Ye, formerly known as Kanye West, as an example of one turning away from antisemitism.

Rabbi Boteach Schmuley, a career writer for the Jewish cause, was a bit more eccentric in his approach. He said Jewish values were “creative disruption,” without much clarification other than it was unlike Hitler or Stalin. He went on a long discourse about family values as being innately Jewish, not Christian. Schmuley then harked back to 9/11, attributing it to Saudi Arabia, of course.

Next was the former Soviet Union fighter, Nathan Sharansky, who was probably the most grim out of the bunch. He claimed he understood censorship under the Soviets and that they used antisemitism as a means to create an external enemy and to control the population, insinuating that may be occurring today. Sharansky, who is the chairman of the Institute for the Study of Global Antisemitism and Policy (ISGAP), sided with the ADL, saying antizionism is, in fact, antisemitism, to which Musk agreed.

“America’s most public Jewish defender,” Alan Dershowitz, a self-proclaimed liberal and author, was the most balanced out of the group. Ironically, he was once the chairman of the ADL’s Civil Rights Commission, but now he’s saying, “We should not be drawing lines—drawing a circle of ism-equity” instead. He insisted that this method creates all thoughts and ideas equal without judgment. If something is permitted for one “ism,” it should be permitted with other “isms.”

He cited today’s overtly progressive universities as a prime example of lacking the “circle of civility,” which is in itself self-enforcing. Dershowitz stated this to be why the Left poses the greater danger of skewing reality, while the Right is more demonstrative of violence. 

The latter part of his statement is utterly false, as there were $2 billion in damages during 2020’s Black Lives Matter riots, with at least 25 deaths. That excludes the ongoing crimewave by the Left’s “children” and Antifa’s history.

Musk did not correct Dershowitz but said “hateful is not unlawful” and that the platform was centering, allowing a free exchange of ideas as a “positive force for humanity.” He told Dershowitz this was the way to squash the negative ideas and not to resort to censoring since it “breeds hatred and resentment,” sending people into echo chambers like 4chan.

Musk reiterated his message of the wisdom in forgiveness, to “turn the other cheek [as] a sign of strength.” He said it is ridiculous to hold grudges for centuries and to “let it go.”

The next character was Rabbi Menachem Margolin of the European Jewish Association (EJA). He invited Musk to the Auschwitz concentration camp to demonstrate “antisemitism and what it could lead to.” Musk awkwardly declined but recanted, saying it was a “tentative yes.”

Margolin kept insisting the billionaire visit to understand the “sensitivity of the Jewish people.” He then thrusted the ADL’s definition of antisemitism onto Musk from the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA). Its definition of antisemitism is tremendously broad and includes critiques of Zionism.

Musk then told the group, “You can’t expect perfection” with five million daily interactions and that the minority is “not reflective of the vast amount of communication on the platform.”

Rabbi Abraham Cooper, the Associate Dean and Director of Global Social Action for the Simon Wiesenthal Center, the last to present his case, pressured Musk further on the HIRA definition. He then began to probe questions of Holocaust survivor and Nazi hunter Simon Wiesenthal.

He quoted Wiesenthal after he was asked as a professor if the Holocaust could happen again, saying, “If you have organized hate, a crisis, and technology, anything is possible.”

The Simon Wiesenthal Center, specifically Cooper, has used that quote to fearmonger before. In 2022, he wrote it in a letter to Executive Chairman of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, claiming Amazon helps “create and sustain Jew-hatred” through its distribution of “Nazi propaganda films.”

Cooper claimed that extremists “recruit, fundraise, and market the ideas on the platform.” He said they then resort to Telegram and lawn fliers.

The Rabbi’s final statement to Musk was, “Words have consequences.”

Musk restated his mission for discovery, not censorship, to reduce falsehoods. The owner of X appeared rattled at times during the discourse, but he respectfully held his own. It is still widely feared that Musk is bending the knee to the “antisemitism racket” previously mentioned.

Recall this all began with  #BanTheADL, which led Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to “discuss AI” with Musk and this latest discussion was again centered around antisemitism.

The real problem is antiwhite racism and prejudice against Christians pushed by these NGOs. No leader or organization besides Musk has advocated for either group, possibly because such action would be deemed “racist” by the many Zionist nonprofits, including the ADL.

Brian J. Pfail
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