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Brian J. Pfail

Point Lookout, NY 2023


Covering Stories that Matter

Brian James Pfail is a freelance writer and reporter in the Greater New York area.

As a journalist, he has written and reported for Newsmax and other publications. He has covered community news for the Long Island Herald and crime for The New York Sun. He is a regular contributor to National File, Chronicles Magazine, The Federalist, Townhall, and American Greatness. He has also had articles published by RealClearPolicy on more neutral positions.

Brian has a crime beat but also focuses on immigration, local New York and national politics, foreign policy, progressive culture and developments in tech.

He began his official writing career at the collegiate award-winning Fordham Observer and Fordham Ram, although he has been a life-long lover of the art. With the two newspapers, he wrote editorials primarily based on pop culture, criminal justice and general politics.

Brian brings his passion and enthusiasm to every piece he works on and has made a name for himself as a prolific writer. He hopes to continue to make an impact on readers, bridging the divide and advancing his career as a journalist.

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